In Alignment With Who You Really Are

Here’s to the Moms Who’ve Sacrificed Everything for Your Kids

But what started as your motherhood dream-come-true has slowly drained your energy and passion for life

Sure, you’re not wiping tiny butts anymore…


But you feel stretched beyond your means every day, 


Your work at home (not to mention your corporate job or starting your own business!) are pulling you in all different directions. 

You want to snap back into a life of purpose, passion, and abundance…


But you lack the motivation and energy to pursue that path. 


In fact: 


With so many years being “Mom,” you may have lost much of your identity as YOU.


You may not have a clue what that Path of Purpose could look like. 

And that’s totally normal!  

I’m here to help you shift that paradigm and uncover those roots


...To discover your most empowered self

Spiritual Life Coaching For Moms

Hey, I’m Dorothy Knight
Also Known as the 5D Mom! 

I’m an Empowerment Coach for conscious moms on their journey to abundance mindset and conscious parenting. 


I’m here to help you step into your feminine goddess power. 


You CAN have it all: 


✔ Abundant energy to give your kids


✔ Satisfying relationship with your partner


✔ Deep personal fulfillment 

Let’s Unearth Your Passions 




By weeding out the noise of your endless to-do lists, 


Cutting through overgrown energetic blocks,


And trimming them away to reveal the raw elements of yourself, 

Exposing the light and dark parts that truly make you... you.

After years of giving pieces of yourself away to your kids, your partner, school activities, your corporate career…


You’ll need a safe space and guidance to dig through the density that’s suffocating your sense of self.

Our 1:1 Coaching Opens a Portal


From overwhelmed, burned out Mom in Crises 


To Powerful Creatress of your relationship, your family, and your abundant life. 


You’ll get your power back. 


You’ll redirect and overcome the stories you’ve been telling yourself. 


You’ll ignite consciousness, intimacy, and truth within yourself and your family.



Are you ready

to dive into what’s holding you back and open the portal to your most empowered self? 


“What Will I Find in the Deepest Corners of Myself?”


When you lift a rock that’s been deep in the earth for many years, all kinds of ants, worms, and creepie-crawlies come rushing out.


I won’t sugar coat this:


The process of self discovery and spiritual healing is not going to be comfortable. 


And it’s not going to be easy. 


But when we’ve finished that master landscaping design...


You’ll go out into the world:


  • Knowing your dreams are for you to conquer


  • Dig deeper into your ideas, why they’re important to you, and how to make them a reality


  • You’ll get the tools and mindset shifts to get un-stuck: you’ll never have to play small again


  • You’ll have control over your reactions to your kids’ behaviors


  • Stop replaying old, damaging, and self-sabotaging patterns: Replace them with authentic techniques of self love and self compassion


We’ll light a match and ignite your spiritual feminine warrior! 


I Won’t Settle for Less than Seeing You in Your Full Power 


You CAN live the abundant life of your dreams WITHOUT sacrificing your “Me time,” your love for your kids, or your relationship with your partner. 


If you’re feeling... 


  • … Burned out, 


  • … Fatigued, 


  • … Disappointed in the way life turned out, 


  • … Always cranky with your kids and partner,


  • … STUCK in your “Mom Role”


Working with me will help you uncover the root of the problem. 


We’ll remove what’s blocking you. Your true self will grow and flourish into the passionate, purpose-driven woman you are meant to be. 

Ready to dig deeper? 


A Firm Foundation for Healing 


“Dorothy is an artist of safe spaces and a very attentive listener. She offers a space and attitude of non-judgment. This non-judgment she exhibits is altruistic, and carries with it a sense of empowerment. Dorothy creates a safe space that, when combined with her professional qualities, empowers her clients. All at once, she creates a soft landing that lends itself to the construction of a firm foundation when it comes to healing ourselves.

I cannot overstate Dorothy's incredible qualities that she brings.  

She is a powerful beacon of health; a great guide."




“If you want to get back to your true self, you can’t just turn over a new leaf. You gotta turn over the whole tree.” 


- Dorothy Knight